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What Happens Next?


After our in house buying team have appraised your car, we will then distribute your vehicle details to our network of professional buyers to get you the best possible price.

We do not send them your personal details until a price is agreed between you and the buyer. It doesn’t cost you a Penny to use our service, it is totally free as we charge the dealers for being part of our network.


If you are interested in selling your vehicle at our valuation we will send the details to our nationwide network of franchised and specialist buyers to try and improve on the valuation and get you the best possible deal.

Top prices for top cars – Get the true value of your car – not a automated estimate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will using this service cost me anything initially or afterwards in fees?

No. The whole process is free to use by the seller of any car or vehicle with no hidden fees at any stage, even if you change your mind about the sale at any point before completion.

How do you get hold of my vehicle’s data and is my personal information protected along the way during the whole sales process?

Our trusted partners in the provision of data include the DVLA and UK Vehicle data companies whom all follow the most demanding standards in online security, this ensures that we comply with their standards as well as GDPR laws here in the UK. All this means your private details are kept safe and secure throughout.

What types of cars and vehicles do you buy and if my car is imported or customised/specialist will you still be interested in purchasing it?

WeBuyAudi will consider most models including imported, or higher end customised vehicles as long as they are registered here in the UK. For a more complete list of makes we buy please contact us through our web contact form.

Wiil I have to do any ringing around or contacting dealers myself?

No. Simply put - WeBuyAudi is the most convenient website to use as you will deal directly with a dedicated team who will do all the running around, take care of negotiations and supply you with clear timely answers to any questions you may have throughout the selling process.

Where are the dealerships based in the UK and will I have to travel?

It is highly unlikely that you will need to travel too far under any circumstances - we can even come to pick up from your home, or workplace. The vast majority of dealers whom are trusted buying partners with WeBuyAudi will be within your region, and many of them will in fact gladly come to visit you, meaning a convenient, quick and easy sale.

If my vehicle is damaged to any extent, cosmetically, in need of repairs or missing internal fittings or suchlike how will this be assessed so that I receive a fair offer that is assured to be accurate?

The information you provide us and the dealers will include the facility to upload numerous detailed photographs and information about any known damage or issues, thereby greatly reducing the need to readjust any offers made to purchase your vehicle.

Why should I choose WeBuyAudi over other online car purchasing websites?

Given that we were established over 20 years ago, we can safely say that our extensive knowledge, expertise and capability of making sure customers are not only satisfied, but delighted in the service we offer and the positive outcomes of their sales experience shows through our professional no-nonsense approach to helping you sell your car easily and quickly. Our customer’s testimonials speak for themselves.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a family relative or friend?

Yes, though bare in mind that you will be required to produce additional documentations in order that the sale can be facilitated. these will include : Original Photo ID for the Registered keeper of the vehicle, plus relevant and recent full proof of address and a letter or email of authority from the keeper to authorize the sale. Please contact us for specific requirements, including also sales of vehicles for persons whom are deceased, as this can be more complex due to current UK probate laws and legal requirements.


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